10 Unique Date Spots In Tokyo (That Don’t Involve Rowing Boats Or Sushi)
Дата публикации: 21.10.2021

10 Unique Date Spots In Tokyo (That Don’t Involve Rowing Boats Or Sushi)


Tokyo is a fascinating capital that succeeds in balancing the preservation of the past with an eye toward the future. Symbols of both cultural dimensions coexist in one of the most densely populated urban areas of the world. The palace was bombarded during World War II, but was rebuilt in with the structure in steel.

Best Dating Spots Tokyo – Tokyo’s Best Date Spots for and helpful tips for a successful night! Home This place is all kinds of old school tokyo I love it!

Here are a few recommended relatively off-the-beaten-romance-path spots in the capital where you can go to as part of a longer date course, or as a one-stop date location. A post shared by Ms. The deck is also equipped with a photo booth where you two can save the memory of your date and take a snap with the Scramble as a backdrop. The rooftop itself is surrounded by graffiti-tagged walls and serves as an event space where various artworks will be displayed throughout the year.

This shrine is known to help its visitors find fulfillment in love, so couples in serious relationships often visit this place as a precursor to visiting the main shrine in the future possibly on a domestic honeymoon! Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is famed for its great match-making powers, so if you want to get serious with your date, take them here! This pond is covered in lotus flowers, which are at their peak in July-August from about a.

Early risers, photography and flower lovers are sure to enjoy this spot. While in Ueno Park, check out the nearby zoo and finally see the baby panda! This is also a very comfortable place to visit in the mid-afternoon to evening thanks to the number of benches nearby. There are a total of of them leading to the main deck observatory and it takes around 15 minutes to climb if you walk at a regular speed. When you reach the observatory, you can take a good rest and enjoy a drink while seeing the rest of Tokyo.

On a clear day, you can even see Mt.