10 Ways to Meet Singles in St. Petersburg, FL (Dating Guide)
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10 Ways to Meet Singles in St. Petersburg, FL (Dating Guide)


We are currently in the process of relocating program information and resources from this site to its new location on www. Be sure to bookmark the new site to stay up-to-date on our programs. RLASP combines intensive classroom instruction in Russian language, history, and culture with a wide range of immersion activities, excursions, and regional travel.

Participants regularly pursue volunteer opportunities, internships, and personal interests in an overseas, Russian context Learn More. No Russian language experience required

LovePlanet was started in and is one of the largest dating sites for Russian speakers, with around million members. At any given.

By the s, nearly two-thirds of the Russian population in Moldova consisted of recent migrants or their children, attracted by employment opportunities in industry, especially in Transnistria. Russians were concentrated in urban areas, particularly the capital and Tiraspol, and enjoyed disproportionately high levels of education. In more than two-thirds of the entire population of the Moldavian Republic reportedly used Russian as a first or second language.

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These groups share a set of common interests — primarily employment in the state sector and education opportunities — built around their knowledge of Russian and threatened by the new language law. The census recorded that ethnic Russians make up 4. Furthermore, the prevalence of a Russian-speaking identity amongst other groups accords the Russian language and identity a more significant role in the republic than numbers alone would suggest.

Russian continues to dominate in both print and broadcast media for all ethnic groups in the republic, and the Russian language is commonly heard on the streets of Chisinau, especially among young people. The development of a sizeable Russian settlement in the region dates from Russia’s annexation of Bessarabia at the beginning of the nineteenth century.