4th of July cookout and illegal fireworks
Дата публикации: 17.09.2021

4th of July cookout and illegal fireworks


Know funny black jokes? Share it with us here. Black jokes – Nowadays Only nowadays there appeared a possibility to realize yourselfe: Black jokes – powder A young girl with a bag is crossing the customs.

Now, married to a Police Officer myself, I realize it takes a selfless and brave individual to become someone in Law Enforcement. You were all of that and more. Rest in Peace Bill.

True Funny Old News Stories World’s oldest joke book A Cambridge academic has uncovered what is believed to be the world’s oldest joke book. The third century book of gags from the Roman Empire is written in Greek and entitled Philogelos, which translates as Laughter Lover. Professor Mary Beard says it debunks the popular myth that the Romans were ‘pompous, toga-wearing bridge builders’. Prof Beard, who came across it while researching ancient humour for a book, said the jokes were categorised into themes including ‘the absentminded professor’ and ‘the charlatan prophet’.

Another dating back to AD when Rome held what was billed as the ‘Millennium Games’ – tells the story of a distraught athlete: When he complains, the slave seller replies, “Well, he didn’t die when I owned him”.

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