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Roses and Gems itch.io REGION FREE GLOBAL ROW

Roses and Gems is a game all about dying. Er, I mean, Roses and Gems is all about avoiding the inevitable, whether you´re slaying harmless creatures trying to blow up your catalyst, mining underground for gems to trade with merchants, collecting upgrades for your person, finding secrets of the underground or even building the baddest, wickedest fort ever only to have it torn down by dirt slinging dung beetles (It´s not really dirt).

"Easy mode is too hard. :(" - TFlippy

There are many ways to kill the (semi)harmless creatures, like making traps, pitfalls and general things of a nasty sadistic nature. Or you could go the old fashioned way and cut them down by sword with your fellow soldiers.

"It looks like a Terraria clone." - random guy

The game has 10 difficulties, ranging from easy, for beginners and casuals, to burningly difficult levels of hardness for those of us who feel we need a challenge.

Contains loads of death, a surprising lack of roses and occasionally an insult or two... or three... er, let´s just say a few shall we?


Цена: 3 руб.

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