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1. Выпишите инфинитив из предложения, определите его функцию, переведите предложения на русский язык:
1. We have discussed the terms to be included in the letter of credit to be opened by the buyer in favour of the seller.
2. One of the problems scientists are working at is to transmit energy to space stations by using lasers.
3. То develop a new submersible craft with a manipulator is not an easy task.
4. To conduct physical experiments with laser beams Russian physicists have developed large laser installations.

2. Поставьте частицу ‘to’ перед глаголом в скобках, где необходимо:
1. Hot weather makes me (feel) uncomfortable.
2. He would like me (come).
3. She seems (work) at night.
4. I didn’t hear you (come) in.
5. He is expected (arrive) in a few days.

3. Замените сложные предложения простыми при помощи оборота «именительный падеж с инфинитивом» и переведите:
1. It is reported that the president is seriously ill.
2. They say that he is afraid of someone.
3. It is supposed that he built several other houses.
4. It seems that the car has broken down.
5. It appears that he told lies about me.
6. It is certain that she will get the scholarship.

4. Замените предложения, используя конструкцию ‘wish’:
1. It´s a pity I haven´t got a work permit.
2. I´m sorry I didn´t bring a map.
3. I´m sorry I left my last job.
4. I´m sorry I didn´t stay in my last job.
5. I´m sorry I can´t swim.
6. I´d like him to cut his hair (but I don´t suppose he will).

5. Выберите правильную форму глагола, учитывая сослагательное наклонение:
1. It is essential that the international cooperation (will be, should be) as productive as possible.
2. We were told that we (took, should take) part in the discussion.
3. A hypersonic craft will require complicated measures lest it (shouldn’t, should) burn.
4. If he were a poet he (wrote, would write) good poems.
5. If Peter (phoned, had phoned) her, Jane wouldn´t have been so annoyed.
6. I wish I (know, knew) what the answer was.

6. Прочитайте и письменно переведите на русский язык текст:
1. Certain biomass (the sum total of living and dead plants, animals, and microorganisms in an area) can be used as fuel to produce heat energy. Wood, crops and crop waste, and wastes of plant, mineral, and animal matter are part of the biomass. The biomass contained in garbage can be burned to produce heat energy or can be allowed to decay and produce methane (natural gas). In western Europe, over 200 power plants burn rubbish to produce electricity. Methane can be converted to the liquid fuel methanol, and ethanol can be produced from fermentable crops such as sugar cane and sorghum. Adequate air pollution controls are necessary when biomass is burned to limit the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
2. Other sources of alternative energy include hydrogen gas and fuel cells. Hydrogen gas is a potential source of fuel for automobiles, as well as a potential source of energy for heating buildings and generating electricity. Although hydrogen is not readily available, it can be produced by separating water into hydrogen and oxygen in a process called electrolysis. A disadvantage of using hydrogen gas as fuel is that it is highly flammable.
3. Fuel cells are devices that produce electric power from the interaction of hydrogen and oxygen gases. They are used to provide electricity in spacecraft and are a potential alternative energy source for heating buildings and powering automobiles.
4. Energy conservation plays an extremely important role in reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Improving energy efficiency is the best way to meet energy demands without adding to air and water pollution. Designing gas-saving automobiles, using fluorescent lightbulbs, recycling, raising the setting for house air conditioners, improving the efficiency of appliances, and properly insulating buildings are some of the ways energy can be conserved.

7. Составьте словарь к тексту.

8. Прочитайте текст снова и письменно ответьте на вопросы:
1. What biomass can be used as fuel?
2. Is biomass widely used to produce energy?
3. How can hydrogen gas be used?
4. What are fuel cells?
5. What are the ways to conserve energy?

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