East Pakistan
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East Pakistan


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The great artistic developments and opulence of the Mughal Empire are a focal point of the gallery and feature outstanding examples of jade carving and manuscript painting. Also on display are arts of the Rajput kingdoms, the Muslim sultanates of the Deccan and the Sikh courts. The gallery ends with the material produced during the period of British rule in India and includes beautiful painted textiles chintzes and ivory-inlaid furniture.

The Indian subcontinent is a vast area the size of Europe, and is today divided into the separate countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Their distribution is largely a result of physical aspects of the land itself, which in turn shaped historical events such as migrations and invasions. The fertile plains of the Indus and Ganges rivers had been the focus of great civilisations since at least BC. Marble window screen, 19th century. Museum no. Marble window screen made in Agra in the 19th century, copied from earlier 17th-century models.

The southern peninsula of India consists largely of a high, wooded plateau known as the Deccan, with great rivers flowing down to the sea. Central India was the home of several of the earliest indigenous peoples, and many tribal groups still live in the jungles of central and eastern India. The far south remained largely untouched by the Muslim invasions of the north, and maintains an undiluted traditional Hindu culture that is quite different from that of the northern plains.