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Gothic Universe Edition ( STEAM GIFT RU + CIS )

The structure of Universe Edition includes:

★ Gothic. Bloody war engulfed the kingdom Myrtana. On earth people attacked merciless hordes of orcs, sweeping all life in its path. Over the lives of the subjects of the king hung a terrible threat. In such a complex situation, His Majesty more than ever needs magic ore, which serves as an excellent raw material for the manufacture of powerful weapons. Only it can be overcome rapidly attacking the forces of darkness.

★ Gothic 2 Gold Edition. In the "Gold Edition" wonderful role-playing game Gothic II included the original Gothic II and its complement Night of the Raven. Game action begins about two weeks after the events of the first part. The destruction of the magic barrier fencing "colony" (the area on the island of Khorinis, where criminals were deported to work in the field of magic ore) brought a lot of new troubles.

★ Gothic 3. forces of good managed to defend the island Khorinis. Now it´s time to go on a new journey to the mainland, the greater part of which seized power ferocious orcs. While you were on the island, evil creatures enslaved almost all the human kingdom. Only a few human groups in the southern desert, the icy north and the mountains of Midland were able to maintain their independence.

This collection includes three parts known to every gamer legendary series Gothic. Look forward to long hours of travel through the lands Myrtana. You meet a lot of allies and enemies, perform hundreds of jobs and become the most powerful warrior on guard for good!

Цена: 109 руб.

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